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From Bob Benck, B&B Roaster and Phillies Fan: First a little history lesson. My dad, my sister and I had Phillies season tickets in 1979, 80, and 81. The Phils took the prize in 1980. So I felt it only appropriate that 28 years later me, my dad and my sister’s kids will be hoping Read more

An Hour of Tasting Apples

Last week I organized a casual apple tasting for staff here at the Olympia Roastery. I had some vintage cider apple varieties from a project my partner and I were working on at home and felt compelled to share that with my palate driven co-workers. To add to the fun I included several apples from Read more

Hyped for Holiday Blend!

Woo-hoo!! November 3rd – the first offer day for Holiday Blend – is right around the corner!  I was just taking a look back at some of the things said about Holiday Blend in ’07.  This came from some Oly/Atl exchange cupping notes in early December: “Bananas Foster like.  Banana-nut bread, carmel and rum spice – FESTIVE! “ Then Read more

Expand Your Palate

Photos, PDF and excerpt courtesy of Fresh Cup Magazine For those of you who read the specialty coffee and tea magazine Fresh Cup, you may have noticed the “Roasters Realm” article by our one and only Roastmaster and Coffee Buyer Scott Merle.  Read his words of wisdom on expanding your palate and building your library Read more

Batdorf wins the TNT again!

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters once again wins the Thursday Night Throwdown at Octane Coffee.  Look at Chandler’s amazing pour.  The key to pouring an amazing latte is to have undivided attention and rock the bar like a keyboard.  Way to go Chandler!

Throwdown, Atlanta.

Lucky for me, my trip to Atlanta for the SCAA planning committee meeting allowed me to arrive on the same evening as the Thursday Night Throwdown at Octane Coffee in Atlanta. I raced the rental car straight to the event, grabbed a beer and found myself surrounded by friends and acquaintances from the coffee industry. Read more