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Panama Esmeralda in a Chemex

We have a small tradition during the holidays to have some type of tasting.  In past years we have compared chocolates, desserts and coffee pairing and wines.  This was a special tasting since it involved such an exclusive coffee.  I decided to brew it using the Chemex.  This brewer creates a wonderful infusion that really Read more

an exemplary coffee

The line, “on a clear day you can see forever,” struck me as I took my first sip of the Esmeralda. It’s so crisp and clean. The aroma stirs up notes of brown sugar and blueberries. As I set the cup down, flavors of cinnamon linger on the palate. This is a shining example of Read more

Leavers, Stayers and more Panama

Although it’s silly to break the entire human population down to “two types,” it’s feasible to place people into two categories according to their location: Leavers and Stayers, those who leave their hometowns and those who stay, respectively.  Transplants usually have interesting experiences, seeing “more of the world” than those they leave behind, but the Read more

Panama Esmeralda vac pot style

The official start of the festive season began on Thursday and we celebrated it not only by making a special turkey, but also by brewing some special coffees. Not that I need a special occasion to brew an extraordinary coffee, but like I said this is the start of my favorite time of year. The Read more