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The now-elusive taste of Harar coffee

Ethiopia was the first country that taught me how distinct and wide-ranging differences in region could mean to a cup. This was instrumental in helping

Flight to Ethiopia

After leaving my house 39 hours ago, I finally made it into Ethiopia. First a ten hour flight, then three hours to Amsterdam, eight hours to Nairobi and then this morning’s final two hour Kenya flight into Addis Ababa. The sunrise view from the Nairobi airport was terrific, just as the low-lying clouds melted away Read more

2009 SERBC Results

After months of planning, I am happy to announce that the 2008-2009 Southeast Regional Barista Competition was a huge success.  Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters was a co-sponsor of the event that took place at the King Plow Art Center located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia.  Batdorf had a huge posse of judges Read more

Batdorf and Bronson is going to Ethiopia!

Ethiopian coffee has held a place of distinction at Batdorf & Bronson since its founding.  Naturally-processed Harar continues to be a staple for us as a single origin offering and an extremely important blending component.  It is consistently a favorite among employees and customers alike.    Other Ethiopian coffees from Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Limu, and Djimma have Read more