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2011 Northwest Regional Barista Competition

Today marks the beginning of the 2011 NWRBC once again set at the Tacoma Convention Center. We are proud to announce that Lauren Ayrey and Emily Jackson…

OLY vs. ATL Manual Brew Battle Wrap-up

We just completed the first ever coast-to-coast Manual Brew Battle on January 16th masterminded by Jason Dominy. I had doubts that we could pull it off, though…

Mystery Cupping Challenge

Just a reminder that the Mystery Cupping Challenge will be happening this coming Monday, January 24th at 1pm and will be once again held at the Dancing Goats Espresso Bar.

Milagros Returns!

Finca Los Milagros is a small 33 hectare farm that borders the Cerro el Diablo cloud forest natural reserve in the Jiguina region of Jinotega. The combination of daily cloud cover and heavy forest lead to a very slow maturation of the cherry and therefore a very dense bean. We chose a “Full City” roast Read more

Upcoming Origin Trip – Tarrazu, Costa Rica

An educational opportunity of a lifetime, I’ve been asked to tag along on a trip to Costa Rica! Bob, our green coffee buyer, visits every year and a couple of folks from Batdorf get to join him. This time it’s me…