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2011 Northwest Coffee Festival

Consumer focused (versus Trade) shows are always great events, and allow us to talk about coffee with an engaged group of consumers; the Northwest Coffee Festival in Seattle was no exception. We prepared some amazing coffees at the Brew Bar were able to meet lots of excited coffee connoisseurs.

Happy First Day of Summer!

With the warm summer months hopefully on their way, fans of coffee should be able to create and enjoy their favorite beverage on the rocks – don’t you agree? Join us on July 10th and learn how you can do this at home!

Sunday Cupping

Yesterday marked our second Sunday cupping event the subject centering on coffee brewing basics. We discussed proper dosage, grind and extraction. We had a nice turn out of about 30 people, nine of which who traveled from Seattle as part of a coffee club. There were a few familiar faces from the last class, its Read more