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Coffee Ambush- HowStuffWorks!

Yesterday, we Coffee Ambushed the staff at HowStuffWorks! Afterwards, they gave us a behind the scenes tour of their great offices/studios! Check out the video below! Coffee Ambush at HowStuffWorks!

Inaugural Atlanta startup:COFFEE!

Wednesday, we hosted the first Atlanta startup:COFFEE at the Atlanta Batdorf Roastery. I decided to organize the event noting that in the past year, many of the local, vibrant Atlanta startup community have spent lots of time at our Roastery in meetings, and grabbing coffee. We’ve even hosted management meetings for companies like Scoutmob. We’ve Read more

Exploring Components of Taste – Part 2

Evaluating Coffee Body Acidity, body and aftertaste are common terms used in the Coffee world, when we describe what we are tasting. In our trade it is of the utmost importance to be able to describe these elements to each other, using a common language, so that our coffee is consistent. Our July public cupping Read more