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CNN Newsroom Coffee Ambush, Atlanta!

Yesterday our team Coffee Ambushed  the CNN Newsroom! We had a blast, and afterwards they gave us a behind the scenes tour of the studios. We were brewing the Nicaragua Finca Santa Gema Natural, the Colombia Estrella Del Sur, and the Guatemala Finca El Valle! Special thanks to our baristas for the day Chandler Rentz, Read more

Coffee Ambush-Cartoon Network in Atlanta!

So far, we’ve done Coffee Ambushes all over the country, with the bulk of them obviously being in the Atlanta area. We’ve done really cool ones like Adult Swim, MailChimp, Coca-Cola, PopCap Games and more, and yet there was one Ambush that I wanted to do more than all the others, and that was The Read more

The Basics of Better Brewing – Water

  There is one ingredient in coffee that is all too important and very often overlooked: water. Unless you enjoy cream and sugar, each cup you drink is more than 95% water. A good rule of thumb is if you can taste anything in the water, those flavors will also affect your coffee. Similarly if Read more