Ask A Barista #1: Shoshanah

Ask A Barista #1: Soshanah

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We’ll be launching a few new columns on the blog soon, and we’re kicking things off with the new ‘Ask A Barista’ column. Once a month we will sit down with a wonderful barista and ask them coffee related questions, then share their answers with you here.

So without any further delay here is Ask A Barista #1: Shoshanah

Q: Who are you?

A: Shoshanah Zimmer

Q: Where do you work?

A: Batdorf & Bronson’s Dancing Goats Espresso Bar

Q: How long have you been there?

A: Last week I celebrated one year of working for Batdorf!

Q: What’s your current favorite coffee? Why?

A: Sumatra, definitely. I love the earthy flavor as a drip coffee and it has a surprisingly balanced, honey-like flavor as espresso.

Q: What’s your favorite way to enjoy espresso?

A: I love the proportions of a cappuccino — it makes for such a sweet, buttery flavor to complement the espresso. When trying a new coffee, I prefer a doppio.

Q: What is your favorite drink to make? Why?

A: I have fun making anything that allows me to practice my latte art. I especially love making macchiatos — it took me a while to get a good sense of what makes a good one and how to aerate the milk just right. It’s also the drink I order most often when I visit other coffee companies. More than making any particular drink, I just love to experiment.

Q: Other than Espresso what is your favorite brewing method?

A: I’ve used a French press at home long before I started working in the coffee industry. I love the depth of flavor you can achieve with full-immersion brewing. I would love to own a Hario V60 as well. To me, it’s a classic pour-over method that delivers a clean taste that highlights all the complexities a coffee has to offer.

Q: What is one thing are you dying to tell the world about coffee?

A: A quality coffee is unique and delicious all on its own. Leave the sugary syrups out of it.

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