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Meet Hilary Yarbrough Part II

Read Meet Hilary Yarbrough Part 1 HERE A: Why do you think so many artists, musicians and writers get pulled into working in coffee?  Why does it work for you? H: Coffee jobs have great hours, and I think everyone knows that.  It’s pretty easy to work in coffee and have a life outside of Read more

Meet Hilary Yarbrough Part I

The coffee industry has always attracted an abundance of creatively minded individuals.  This may be due to the fact that many creatives use coffee to help fuel their focus when inspiration hits.  It may also be due to the fact that coffeehouses, since their inception, have nurtured like-minded people in collaborations and idea sharing. For Read more

Meet Carolyn Skye

Saying the name Carolyn Skye is, to a certain degree, synonymous with talking about our brand and company.  Carolyn has been with Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters almost from day one back in 1986.  Hired by Dick Batdorf and Shannon Bronson, Carolyn began her coffee journey as a barista at our original coffee house on Capitol Read more

Meet Our Green Coffee Buyer Bob Benck

What do master coffee cupping and roasting skills, a keen knowledge of economics, speaking Spanish as a second language, and company loyalty all have in common?  They’re all traits that help define the character of our coffee buyer, Bob Benck.  Bob has been at Batdorf and Bronson long enough to have had an influence on Read more

Meet ATL Roastery Manager and Senior Roaster, Brad Lawrence

In the spring of 2004 a tall gentleman with thick, horn-rimmed glasses came into our Atlanta Roastery to interview for a production position.  He had a quiet, yet confident demeanor and his communication style was polite, if not slightly reserved.  As two of us conducted the interview we quickly learned that that this guy had Read more

Meet Graeme Smith at Batdorf & Bronson Part I

Aaron Shively continues his series of interviews with Batdorf & Bronson employees whose creative contribution goes beyond their job description. Here, Aaron talks with speaks with Graeme Smith, one of our baristas in Olympia, in part 1 of 3. Aaron: How did you first get involved in giving creative input with Batdorf and Bronson? Graeme: Read more