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2011 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence Day One: Calibration Day

The goal of today’s cupping was for the jurors to re-familiarize themselves with the scoring sheets, the flow of the cupping sessions as well as an introduction to the coffees.

Off to the 2011 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence

I will be representing Batdorf & Bronson at this year’s Nicaragua Cup of Excellence. This will be my second time participating as a juror for the COE. Being selected again and having the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua is quite an honor. Tasting the preeminent coffees this country has to offer is something I am Read more

Panama Esmeralda in a Chemex

We have a small tradition during the holidays to have some type of tasting.  In past years we have compared chocolates, desserts and coffee pairing and wines.  This was a special tasting since it involved such an exclusive coffee.  I decided to brew it using the Chemex.  This brewer creates a wonderful infusion that really Read more