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AMBUSH? Yes Please…

You arrive at the office and everything seems normal enough at first. You greet your co-workers, engage in some obligatory small talk and settle into your desk, but something seems…different. You glance over your shoulder several times. Are you being watched? Aren’t there usually birds singing or something? It’s too quiet. You scan the horizon, Read more

Coffee Kids

As a board member for Coffee Kids I was asked to make a few remarks at their annual reception Friday night as part of the SCAA Conference. This is what I said: I am something of a history buff in general and after 13 years in the coffee industry I like to think I’m an Read more

Quiet Cupping

I learned the rudiments of coffee cupping from Don Holly and Ted Lingle thirteen years ago. Along the way I have learned from some of the finest palates in the coffee industry. I have been fortunate, sitting at the cupping table with many of the most successful entrepreneurs and renowned cuppers and green buyers in Read more

Will Frith Takes 3rd Place At the First Northwest Brewer’s Cup

February 22, 2010 – Atlanta, GA Will Frith, a training and education expert for Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters in Olympia, WA, took third place in the first Northwest Regional Brewer’s Cup, a hand-brewing coffee competition that was part of the recent Northwest Regional Barista Championships held in Tacoma. As a trainer for Batdorf & Read more