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Podcast, Episode 2: Training and Education

Our Training and Education team creates lasting relationships and adds value to your business. Crafting delicious coffee and excellent espresso requires training, practice, and patience. We offer wholesale customers a variety of courses to keep baristas focused on quality and efficiency. Courses are conducted at our Roasting and Training facilities in Olympia, WA and Atlanta, Read more

BGA camp pull-a-shot

Last week, I had the priveledge of attending the 2nd annual Barista Guild of America retreat “Camp pull-a-shot”, at the beautiful El Capitan Canyon resort in Goleta,CA. The Camp is an intensive for barista guild members to advance their skill sets through classes and their credentials through certification exams. I signed up to be a Read more

Ask the brew-ista

Attention all coffee afficianados! We will be offering a “ask the brew-ista”, question and answer session at the downtown Olympia location Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters at 516 Capitol Way South. The Q&A session is every thursday from 3-6pm. If you are looking for guidance on buying new home brewing equipment, your brewing technique, or looking to try Read more

Podcast, Episode 1: Retailer Tips

Download: Batdorf and Bronson Podcast: Retailer Tips (5.4 mb)  Our innagural podcast features Chris Reimertz, Batdorf & Bronson’s Regional Retail Operations Manager. We discuss tools, tips, and resources that enable retailers to: Operate more efficiently Accurately project margins for every menu item Develop loss leaders and high-margin items Manage waste to improve the bottom line

For The Love of Coffee and The Western Canadian Barista Championship

During the last weekend of August I was in Victoria, BC to attend For The Love of Coffee and to judge the Western Canadian Barista Championship and the Canadian Pairs Barista Competition. The events were organized and hosted by The Canadian Coffee Collective with Reg Barber’s assistance. It was great to experience the awesome things that are happening with Canada’s coffee culture Read more

2011 Northwest Coffee Festival

Consumer focused (versus Trade) shows are always great events, and allow us to talk about coffee with an engaged group of consumers; the Northwest Coffee Festival in Seattle was no exception. We prepared some amazing coffees at the Brew Bar were able to meet lots of excited coffee connoisseurs.