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Becoming a Roaster: using my roasty senses

learn a little about our newest roaster, Emily, and her journey of developing her “roasty senses”.

The Seattle Weekly Reviews Olympia’s Coffee Spots

Looking for a great coffee experience while visiting Olympia. The Seattle Weekly shares their opinion on best spots for espresso fans.

B&B heads to the SCAA Event in Houston

Many people throughout the specialty coffee industry will be heading to Houston, TX in the next few days to take part in the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Event. Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters will have several folks down at The Event participating in nearly every part of the show. Atlanta’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Read more

Ensayo: Rehearsal

Imagining the similarities that can be drawn between the role of a plant, and the role of a barista may be a stretch, but truly their roles are not much different.

Brazil Pedra Redonda

We are excited about the arrival of the semi-washed Brazil Pedra Redonda. Grown at 1300 meters in the Araponga, Minas Gerais, this pulp natural or “honey” process coffee is mild, heavy and sweet. The subtle fruit notes of strawberry and tomato are followed by a long lasting milky finish. A week ago, we all gathered Read more

Olympia’s South Sound Green Tour

We are proud to be featured as a stop on this year’s South Sound Green Tour. The South Sound Green Tour is a self-guided tour of eco-friendly buildings and homes in Olympia, Washington. The tour will take place this April 16th-17th, so come out and learn the latest money-saving and earth-friendly ways to build, landscape, Read more