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Wednesday Cupping

This week’s cupping featured the Tanzania Kanyovu AA that we will start offering Monday, May 9th. Along with the usual production cupping samples, we brewed this fine coffee using seven different brewing methods to see how it performs. So how did it do? The Chemex and Clever dripper really stood out as the popular choices. Read more

Off to the 2011 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence

I will be representing Batdorf & Bronson at this year’s Nicaragua Cup of Excellence. This will be my second time participating as a juror for the COE. Being selected again and having the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua is quite an honor. Tasting the preeminent coffees this country has to offer is something I am Read more

Cupping Table Standouts – June 15th.

“Our current Kenya offering is a perfect classic AA from the Thangathi co-op located in the Nyeri region near Nairobi. This coffee starts off with an intense, clean and sweet citrus acidity which yields …

Cupping Table Standouts – April 20th

Costa Rica Cerro del Fuego – An exceptional coffee from Tarrazu, which is Costa Rica’s finest coffee producing region, in my opinion. Its unique processing method …