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Ensayo: Rehearsal

Imagining the similarities that can be drawn between the role of a plant, and the role of a barista may be a stretch, but truly their roles are not much different.

Brazil Pedra Redonda

We are excited about the arrival of the semi-washed Brazil Pedra Redonda. Grown at 1300 meters in the Araponga, Minas Gerais, this pulp natural or “honey” process coffee is mild, heavy and sweet. The subtle fruit notes of strawberry and tomato are followed by a long lasting milky finish. A week ago, we all gathered Read more

Chandler Will Once Again Be At The SERBC

Chandler will be competing in the Southeast Regional Barista Competition tomorrow at 12:50pm EST. Watch and cheer him on!

Batdorf wins the TNT again!

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters once again wins the Thursday Night Throwdown at Octane Coffee.  Look at Chandler’s amazing pour.  The key to pouring an amazing latte is to have undivided attention and rock the bar like a keyboard.  Way to go Chandler!