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Wednesday Cupping

This week’s cupping featured the Tanzania Kanyovu AA that we will start offering Monday, May 9th. Along with the usual production cupping samples, we brewed this fine coffee using seven different brewing methods to see how it performs. So how did it do? The Chemex and Clever dripper really stood out as the popular choices. Read more

Ensayo: Rehearsal

Imagining the similarities that can be drawn between the role of a plant, and the role of a barista may be a stretch, but truly their roles are not much different.

Milagros Returns!

Finca Los Milagros is a small 33 hectare farm that borders the Cerro el Diablo cloud forest natural reserve in the Jiguina region of Jinotega. The combination of daily cloud cover and heavy forest lead to a very slow maturation of the cherry and therefore a very dense bean. We chose a “Full City” roast Read more

FAQ: What is Timbales Organic?

We have been getting this question a lot lately, so our Atlanta roastery crew decided to put this video together to help explain the story of our Timbales Organic Blend. This 100% organic, shade grown, Fair Trade coffee has been a part of Batdorf & Bronson’s offerings since 1997. Timbales Organic features harmonious qualities of molasses, Read more