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Behmor Brazen vs. Bonavita Brewer Comparison.

Home brewers have always gotten a bad rap from more experienced coffee lovers, because it could never replicate the consistent and balanced brews of a good commercial brewer like the Fetco and Bunn brewers you find in your local independent coffee shop. Home coffee could never be as good as your local coffee shop for Read more

Hario Brewing Equipment

We are super excited about the Hario Skerton Hand Grinder. Rumor has it that the name was actually supposed to be “Skeleton”, but….

Chemex Coffee Maker

The New York Times picked the Chemex brewer for one of their holiday gift suggestions in today’s online edition. I heartily agree. The Chemex makes a beautiful, clean cup …

New Porcelain Cups!

Check out our new branded porcelain cups! They can now be found on our website, and on top of our La Marzocco machine here in the cupping lab. Trainer Oliver Stormshak says “They’re awesome!” Enough said.