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Processing Methods & Plant Cultivars

Nicaragua – Mierisch Family                 Our Green Coffee Buyer Bob Benck, takes us on a journey to Nicaragua – where we will explore different Cultivars and the effects of varying Processing Methods. Our friends and longtime partners, the Mierisch Family, have put great effort into experimenting with both Read more

Coffee Ambushes In Review.

(This is from the very first Coffee Ambush at Scoutmob in June of 2011.) I decided to stop and take a look at the Coffee Ambushes we’ve done so far, and make a list, just so I could see what it looked like. Looking at the list, it’s amazing at how far this idea has Read more

All about Espresso

At this month’s Sunday Cupping, we will learn about Espresso! Join us, as we take you “behind the coffee bar” and demystify this incredibly popular brewing method. We will shed some light on how espresso is prepared and how to best enjoy it. What is Espresso? How is it made? What should it taste like? Read more

CNN Newsroom Coffee Ambush, Atlanta!

Yesterday our team Coffee Ambushed  the CNN Newsroom! We had a blast, and afterwards they gave us a behind the scenes tour of the studios. We were brewing the Nicaragua Finca Santa Gema Natural, the Colombia Estrella Del Sur, and the Guatemala Finca El Valle! Special thanks to our baristas for the day Chandler Rentz, Read more

Exploring Components of Taste

Part 3 – Evaluating Coffee: Aftertaste Acidity, body and aftertaste are common terms used in the Coffee world when we describe what we are tasting. In our trade it is of the utmost importance to relate in consistent terms the different qualities found in coffee. Our August public cupping will be the third of a Read more

Inaugural Atlanta startup:COFFEE!

Wednesday, we hosted the first Atlanta startup:COFFEE at the Atlanta Batdorf Roastery. I decided to organize the event noting that in the past year, many of the local, vibrant Atlanta startup community have spent lots of time at our Roastery in meetings, and grabbing coffee. We’ve even hosted management meetings for companies like Scoutmob. We’ve Read more