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Becoming a Roaster: using my roasty senses

learn a little about our newest roaster, Emily, and her journey of developing her “roasty senses”.

This Month’s Science Café – “What Really Goes On In A Crime Lab?”

Join us Tuesday, August 10th at our downtown Coffeehouse as forensic scientist, Terry McAdam presents the different methods and tools of a modern crime lab.

2010 World Barista Championship London

The 11th Annual World Barista Championship takes place today in London. This year’s championship will take place over the next three days and will represent 53 of the 2009-2010 National Champions.

Simple Gifts

Let’s say your hosting your own holiday party and you want to do something a little different. Why not offer a coffee tasting? Brew single origin coffees from around the world—Africa, Indonesia, Central America—and arrange them …


From Bob Benck, B&B Roaster and Phillies Fan: First a little history lesson. My dad, my sister and I had Phillies season tickets in 1979, 80, and 81. The Phils took the prize in 1980. So I felt it only appropriate that 28 years later me, my dad and my sister’s kids will be hoping Read more

An Hour of Tasting Apples

Last week I organized a casual apple tasting for staff here at the Olympia Roastery. I had some vintage cider apple varieties from a project my partner and I were working on at home and felt compelled to share that with my palate driven co-workers. To add to the fun I included several apples from Read more