Batdorf & Bronson Atlanta + Atlanta Culinary Tours= Fun Learning!

This past Wednesday, Batdorf & Bronson Atlanta played host to their first of many upcoming dates on the Atlanta Culinary Tours calendar. Atlanta Culinary Tours organizes foodie tours all over Atlanta that usually focus on individual areas of Atlanta, but after attending a Coffee 101/Roastery Tour I led a few months ago, decided they wanted to add it as a tour on their website, as well. A great group of people attended the first co-event, from huge coffee fans to coffee newbies.

I walked them through the many coffees we roast, how they’re grown, how they’re processed, the three growing regions and each’s individual general characteristics, how coffee’s roasted, and we ended up the night with a manual brewing of the three growing regions. With the brewed coffee, participants were asked to identify each coffee’s growing region based on taste. For the most part, all were spot on, and learned a great deal about the differences in flavor notes based on where coffees are grown, as well as how their processed. Participants also got to try Clever Dripper brewed iced coffee, as well as cascara tea.

This was the first of many tours with the Atlanta Culinary Tours, with the next one coming up on August 10th. If you’ve ever wanted to take your coffee knowledge deeper than what you read on the bag, this is a great way to do it! More information for the upcoming tour can be found at:

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