Brazil Pedra Redonda

We are excited about the arrival of the semi-washed Brazil Pedra Redonda. Grown at 1300 meters in the Araponga, Minas Gerais, this pulp natural or “honey” process coffee is mild, heavy and sweet. The subtle fruit notes of strawberry and tomato are followed by a long lasting milky finish.

A week ago, we all gathered in the lab to try this coffee using a number of brewing methods. The Brazil performed well in Hario, Clever brewer, Aero Press and the press pot. Although, some felt that the remaining parchment that’s left on the bean produces a noticeable papery-like quality when brewed with the press pot.

Everyone had their favorite brew method, but as espresso, this coffee truly shined with or without milk. As espresso, this coffee is exceptionally sweet like whole dried bananas (not banana chips) or a toasty marshmallow!

Unfortunately, this coffee will be around for only a month, so try the Brazil Pedra Redonda before it’s gone.

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