Panama Esmeralda in a Chemex

We have a small tradition during the holidays to have some type of tasting.  In past years we have compared chocolates, desserts and coffee pairing and wines.  This was a special tasting since it involved such an exclusive coffee.  I decided to brew it using the Chemex.  This brewer creates a wonderful infusion that really highlights a coffees clean crisp acidity and delicate qualities.  Esmeralda really lived up our expectations.  The fruit notes were very evident and one could taste coconut, pineapple and some slight date qualities.  The brew had splendid body that someone compared it to a smooth liqueur.  Another person felt that this was a coffee not to be drank accompanying food, but to be sipped and savored alone.  It was interesting to note that the people who raved about the coffee were people who typically drank their coffee with cream and sugar; however, they greatly appreciated the coffees complexities and only drank it black.

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