Cup of Excellence Bolivia – Café COACS

Our first roast of the COE Bolivia – Cafe COACS took place last Monday and we roasted more than a third of our lot! This limited edition coffee is going fast, so don’t miss your chance to try this exceptional coffee before it’s gone.

The COE Bolivia has a wonderful delicate strawberry acidity, flavors of papaya and passion fruit with a solid body and remarkable sweetness. A complete and balanced cup of coffee.

This elegant coffee is grown on a small farm in the mountains of Yungas region of Bolivia by the female coffee producer, Eugenia Condori Mamani. She is consistently working on improving the processing of her coffee and is currently building a washing station. She says that growing coffee is a lifelong dedication and that being a Cup of Excellence Winner gives her tremendous pride and motivation to keep producing coffee forever.

This Cup of Excellence coffee displays everything that I love about South American coffees.

– Bob Benck, Green Coffee Buyer

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