Cupping Table Standouts – June 15th.

Kenya AA
Top Auction Lot | Great Single-Origin Espresso
“Our current Kenya offering is a perfect classic AA from the Thangathi co-op located in the Nyeri region near Nairobi. This coffee starts off with an intense, clean and sweet citrus acidity which yields to a plump raisin fruitiness.  With summer upon us, this coffee begs to be brewed up as an iced coffee!”

Organic Nicaragua Isabelia
Organic | Fair Trade | Relationship | Shade Grown
“The Nicaragua Isabelia is fresh-out-of-the-box for ’09!   It has a juicy sweet acidity with Bing cherry notes, a body like honey, and surprises you with a sprinkle of tobacco and clove spiciness! Brew it through a french press to release the chocolaty aromas and subtle cinnamon flavors.”

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