Cupping Table Standouts – March 19th

Cupping table standouts - March 19th, 2009

“Rwanda Buremera – A beautiful coffee exhibiting sweet, juicy flavors of raisin, papaya and green coconut and bergamont aromatics.”

“Sumatra Lake Tawar – A full bodied coffee with layers of complex flavor! A citrusy acidity gives way to a savoriness of garden vegetables sauteed with butter and ginger! Then finishing with a nice clean leatheriness!”

“Organic French Roast – Mmm, the sweet toastiness of carmelized nuts and carmelled popcorn. This is also a chocolatey coffee, with a soft yet gritty mouth-feel reminding me of an Oreo cookie!”

“Skye’s Moutain Blend – Kicks off with a nice bright and sweet white raisin acidity, followed by notes of leather and coco!”

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