Esmeralda for breakfast and dinner.

The evening was overall dark, not in mood, just in the lack of lighting. My neighbor seems to like a barely lit home, so we proceeded to eat by candle light much to my protest. The evening did illuminate once we pressed a pot of the Panama Esmeralda. The tangy fruit punch flavors cleansed our palates and was a refreshing follow-up to grease and salt. The Esmeralda seemed to weigh more heavily on the orange-pineapple side of the fruit juice spectrum than the mango of previous years.

Though my company seemed more interested in talking about the politics of coffee than enjoying the exceptional product in front of them,  I did manage to get, “It’s good” and “really good”.  Whatever that means. Overall, the Esmeralda brightened our moods and sharpened our tongues, as we continued to rouse each other around the table.

The following Saturday, I took sometime to brew more Esmeralda with my “punkin” pie for breakfast.  I brewed it with a french press again and got similar results.  Definitely more tangy this year instead of the sweet bombs of yore.

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