Family Farms

Family Farms

I realize that I can overlook some of the most amazing things about B&B: the stellar coffees, my creative co-workers and the comfortable environment where we work.   Between the to-do lists, the next “immediate” project and the daily meetings, what we do as a company sometimes slips through the cracks.

Last week I walked in to our Tasting Room and gazed upon a new promotional poster that we have up for the Holidays and it gave me shivers. This poster highlights the coffee producers, their families and our friends from whom we get a few of our fabulous coffees. It made me realize how fortunate I am to work with these wonderful people through a shared vision – we all pour our lives into the coffee. The poster illustrates our relationships with the Gonzalez, Meirisch and Silva families and gives our retail customers the opportunity to share in them. I am pleased to have met the people who produce the cup of coffee I drink every day. And I am even more pleased that we have featured our friends and their families in our holiday promotions. ‘Tis the season of great friends and wonderful connections and I am thankful.

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  1. Scott says:

    Heather, How right you are. Carolyn did an excellent job capturing the essence of the relationships we have with these families, and this stuff is way more than just a “promotion.” These relationships have been in place for a long time and I’m happy to celebrate them every day!

  2. To all at Batdorf:

    We have come a long way since exporters hid the faces of the roaster and the farmer. It is truly a great feeling to know where our coffee goes and that it is in hands of friends. It is also a great motivator to try and excel every year as we don’t want to disappoint.

    We wish you all happy holidays, and thank you for your friendship and appreciation.

  3. Dear Batdorf Family:
    Being coffee producers is an experience full of hard work, dedication and open heart. It is a real challenge every year to do our best knowing that some of this coffee will go to our dear friends at Batdorf who, so earnerstly have worked to achieve the standard of excellence of our coffee for their selected customers.

    May God bless you all these coming holidays.

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