Hyped for Holiday Blend!

Woo-hoo!! November 3rd – the first offer day for Holiday Blend – is right around the corner!  I was just taking a look back at some of the things said about Holiday Blend in ’07.  This came from some Oly/Atl exchange cupping notes in early December:

Bananas Foster like.  Banana-nut bread, carmel and rum spice – FESTIVE!

Then these notes on Holiday Blend came from a blind cupping of various blends last November – Holiday Blend was “Coffee ‘E'”:

Coffee E…nutty, hints of maple, carmel corn, balanced, spicey…syrupy body and spicey edge… sandalwood impression…A top…” !

Here are some initial observations on Holiday Blend ’08:

In the dry grounds aroma – toffee, chocolate and walnut.  After adding hot water – Hints of sweet dried fruit and shortbread, fruitcake?  Then some flavor notes: Sweet toasty chocolatey s’mores, macaroon, dark cherry and vanilla, holiday chocolate and fruit confections!

Hyped yet?

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  1. LM says:

    I’m just psyched to work at a place where the words “Bananas Foster” are employed. And if you were wondering…yes, Bananas Foster has its own wikipedia entry.

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