Look What Arrived Today…

The Panama Esmeralda arrived!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the Panama has landed.

What you see here is the limited amount we have available for our customers. The first roast date for this eagerly awaited, world-renowned coffee is set for August 4th. There’s still time to take advantage of our free shipping offer if you pre-order now.

Don’t miss out!

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3 Responses to “Look What Arrived Today…”

  1. Scott says:

    Sample roasts reveal what we found when we evaluated this coffee before the auction – brilliant fruit juicy acidity, super sweet candy-like flavors (Forrest said life savers), medium-bodied with a long satisfying aftertaste. This is going to be a good one…

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks for the info, Scott. How much did you get in?

  3. Scott says:

    We got two lots at the auction – 600 lbs green – that will give us around 500 lbs roasted.

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