New Crop Coffees


The 2008 crop coffees from Central America are starting to arrive! We can expect these coffees to taste even more delicious as they settle-in during the weeks to come, but roasters are nevertheless talking about the fresh new arrivals.

Here’s what the Olympia roasters have to say around the cupping table:

Organic Nicaragua Isabelia : sweet, caramelly, milk cocoa, hint of cherry, Roaster Van Stevens says “crackerjacks and caramel corn”.

Costa Rica Tarrazu SHB El Indio : fresh, lively acidity, Coffee Buyer/Roastmaster Scott Merle says “youthful exuberance”, medium-bodied, flavors of tropical nuts and fruits.

Guatemala Antigua Finca El Valle : complex, “tons” of flavor components, elegantly balanced, sugar cane sweetness, heavy-bodied, velvet mouthfeel.

French Roast : intense, deep and rich, thick creamy body, bold character, caramelized sugar. Scott says “like crême brulée topping”, Van says “like the toasted part of a toasted marshmallow”, Roaster Brian Meyers says “like chocolate fudge frosting”.

Try them for yourself!

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  1. Amy says:

    Hey Batdorf and Bronson – really loving the blog. It looks awesome and excited about reading all the results of your cuppings. Tazza D’Oro is signed up and we look forward to reading all your posts.

  2. M. A. Erik Correia says:

    Thanx for posting this cupping table information – bravo – bravo – bring it on! Love the blog! You cyberpeople rock.

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