Notes from the cupping table

Cupping is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it… everyday.

The Central American coffees we are currently enjoying include Costa Rica La Minita del Sol, exquisitely balanced with its trademark flavors of rich sweet maple and bright juicy citrus. Guatemala El Valle continues to amaze us; you’ll find deep intense flavors of caramel and chocolate leading into a long, softly disappearing finish. And our Pacamara from Finca Siberia in El Salvador is another standout – wonderful frisky acidity, yet very savory with refined flavors of golden raisin and porcini mushroom. This coffee exhibits the fifth basic taste known as umami.

Out of Africa, our new Kenya Nyeri-Jungle Estate is a classic Kenyan. Fresh grapefruit and orange flavors lead the charge on this coffee, superimposed over a well-structured body. Yemen has also been excellent – clean and fruity with influences of incense and spice.

The coffees from Indonesia that are cupping well include: Sumatra Mandheling – super heavy and thick, cleanly earthy with a comforting sweetness, of course Sumatra Lake Tawar with its massive punch and incredible depth, and our Estate Java from the Jampit plantation.  Our Java is now revealing a surprising amount of floral acidity for such a heavy-bodied coffee. Very nice.

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