Esmeralda and the White Elephant

We’re were just leaving the White Elephant surplus store (toys! ammo!)when it started to snow. By the time we drove to North Spokane the streets were whitening up and we knew we didn’t want to head out any more that evening. So we settled in with Scrabble and cracked open the Panama Esmeralda. Maybe it was the cold, clear air that made our senses super-alert. But every delicate nuance of the Esmeralda shone forth like a diamond. The clean briskness. The brightness that never topples into tang. The springy mouthfeel. As for taste, there were several descriptors thrown about: soy sauce, assam tea, Orange Julius. But as tasty as the coffee is, it’s really the body and clean aftertaste that amazed everyone. With the richness and over-abundance of Thanksgiving food and drink, the ultra-sophisticated Esmeralda is like a breath of fresh air.

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