Wednesday Cupping Notes


Today’s cupping was a real skill building exercise. Bob took four coffees from our inventory and roasted a dark and light version of each.  We then had to identify which of the samples was dark roasted, which was light roasted and which was a 50/50 blend. The featured coffees for this exercise, which were also concealed, were the Guatemala Finca El Valle, Kenya AA, Java Estate and Organic Nicaragua Isabelia.

I used a process of elimination to identify each cup. I approached one coffee at a time and focused on locating the darkest profile first. When I felt confident in my choice I proceeded to locate the lightest profile and then determine the 50/50 blend. This  strategy had a satisfactory degree of success. We are encouraged to go with our initial impression when cupping and try to avoid second guessing as that may only lead to confusion.

I cannot wait to apply this strategy to our next Mystery Cup Challenge. The past few times when I had participated I would correctly identify the origin of coffee but would have difficulty pinpointing the degree of roast. For example, distinguishing an Organic Nicaragua from our Organic Timbales Blend from an Organic French Roast….

My goal is to apply this knowledge whenever I have the opportunity to attend a production cupping so that next time we have a Mystery Cup Challenge I will get each coffee identified!



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