Wednesday Cupping Notes

Its that time of year when we start to see the first of the 2011 crops begin to arrive in the roastery. Today we cupped a preshipment of the 2011 Costa Rica  Cerro del Fuego  next to the current crop we have in the warehouse. This crop of Cerro del Fuego is promising with lots of pineapple acidity and a lingering cherry sweetness. The current Cerro del Fuego has held up remarkably well, still lots of cherry sweetness  and a delightfully well rounded profile. This exceptional coffee continues to be a favorite among the roastery staff.

Also in the lineup was another offering from Costa Rica. This coffee came from outside the Tarrazu region, much further south near the Panama border. Consequently, it had more qualities one would expect from a coffee of Panama. Slightly fuller body, softer acidity and a delicate, floral quality much like a jasmine tea.

Lastly we cupped a Guatemala SHG. It had a slightly savory, nut like quality. Somewhat rich and full. It was a nice coffee though perhaps lacking any outstanding qualities.

These were the features of this week’s cupping. Stay tuned next time for more exciting news from our cupping table.

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3 Responses to “Wednesday Cupping Notes”

  1. Bob says:

    Well said Melissa. Thanks for taking the time to post for all of reading pleasure.

  2. FORREST says:

    Wow! These coffees sound amazing. I’m now kicking myself for missing this week’s cupping.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jenya says:

    I should have come out of vacation mode for this one!! Thanks for sharing!

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