Where in the World is the Panama Esmeralda?

Panama Esmeralda 100% Geisha

It’s here! Well, almost…

On May 22nd this year, the 2008 crop of Panama Esmeralda Special went up for auction on the internet to bidders worldwide. Our green coffee buyer Scott Merle, like hundreds of others across the globe, had his eyes glued to his laptop screen for over ten hours; carrying it around the office, taking it to meetings and to lunch, not daring to step away while the action was still taking place.

His determination paid off – we got two lots from the batch we found to be the most impressive. The coffee is scheduled to arrive to us by late July, which means we will hopefully be doing our first roast on Monday 4th August.

Trivia Note: The image we are using for the Esmeralda this year is the Holy Ghost Orchid (also known as the Dove Orchid), and is the national flower of Panama. So now you know…

We’re taking pre-orders now! Find out more about the Panama Esmeralda .

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2 Responses to “Where in the World is the Panama Esmeralda?”

  1. Katy says:

    Great! We will definitely have quantities available for wholesale customers – contact Customer Services (800)955-5282.

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