Batdorf Atlanta hosts an amazing night with Scoutmob, Cacao, and Pie Shop!

On August 31st, Batdorf & Bronson Coffee here in Atlanta, hosted a Scoutmob Revel Party! Revel is Scoutmob’s exclusive club for their best supporters, people that share links, use the service, and this was their second Revel party. We organized this night to highlight local deliciousness, and included our friends at Cacao Atlanta, who brought a coffee:CACAO bark they created for the event, and Pie Shop, who brought a selection of pies and included a pie created for the event that included our new Brazil Fazenda Viscosa, and Cacao’s chocolate.

We ran two espresso bars, using a blend of the Brazil and our Kenya Kangocho, specially roasted and put together by our own Chandler Rentz, and FIVE manual brew bars. We brewed the Kenya Kangocho, and both the espresso and brewed coffees were absolutely banging. Baristas who volunteered for the event were Chandler Rentz, Jonathan Pascual, Dan Mueller, Kenzie Brannon, Robert and Mindy Hays, Keenan Lyons, Dut Goodman, and myself rocking the dual Clevers.

Live music was brought by local artist Bosco, and she really had the crowd going, at one point, giving out drumsticks that everyone used with them in a song. Cacao’s chocolate was a delicious success, Pie Shop earned MANY new fans, and all together, it made for a really great night of community. And that’s what I like about Scoutmob, they thrive on promoting community, not just being a “discount app.” They search out the best local businesses, “scouting” them if you will, and then letting everyone else know about it. And by the end of this night, we all loved each other. It was a happy night. we heart Scoutmob. we heart Cacao. we heart Pie Shop. we heart Atlanta.

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