Mystery Cup Challenge at the Coffeehouse


Yesterday was the return of our Mystery Cup Challenge. The challenge is to name the four coffees on the table by examining the whole beans, smelling both the dry and the wet grounds and tasting the coffees. This cupping is meant to be an exercise for each person’s palate. Not knowing the coffees on the table helps to get rid of any preconceived notions anyone may have regarding single origins, varietals or blends.

The buy-in for the challenge was $2 and if you guessed all four coffees correctly, your prize was the pot of cash. If a participant got 3 right they would get 10% of the cash pot.

Will from Training and Education, Coffeehouse Supervisor Katie Hoy, and baristas Rachel, James and Clare all identified two of the coffees. So all of that buy-in money carries over to the next Mystery Cup Challenge. The MCC will occur every third Wednesday of each month.

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