Mystery Cupping Challenge

Mystery Cupping Challenge

The Mystery Cupping Challenge was hard this month. Emily made it difficult due to the appearance of employees from both the roastery and the Dancing Goats Espresso Bar. Once again there were four options on the table with each coffee presented in the form of whole bean for visual cues, ground for aroma and brewed for cupping.

Even with a decent turnout, no one was able to identify all four coffees. The best guess for the day was two-out-of-four going to Matt Chrisope and myself, followed by Sandra Hall who named one coffee. This was not an easy task considering each coffee was from Latin American including the decaf. This month’s line-up featured Costa Rica La Minita, Organic Decaf Peru, Organic Costa Rica Cerro del Fuego and Organic Nicaragua Isabelia. The Organic Decaf Peru seemed to throw everyone off due to it being our lightest roasted decaf, though some said this batch seemed to have been roasted a bit longer, so they guessed a darker decaf or blend.

Cupping the La Minita at the DG Espresso Bar.

The MCC will continue next month on Wednesday, August 18th (the third Wednesday of month), so please join us and possibly walk away with $53 of soft warm cash and the invisible MCC crown.

**The location will be announced at a later date.

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