Olympia Latte Art Throwdown Results

Throwdown mob.

Coffeehouse Throwdown mob.

We would like to thank everyone who came out Sunday night to the Throwdown. We had a super energetic crowd with approximately 98 people (thanks for the head count Ian), 3 judges and 26 competitors. A pretty amazing turnout for Olympia’s only third Throwdown to date.

The event was divided into four rounds and the competitors with the bests pours from each round moved on to the next. Fourteen competitors moved to the second round, eight to the third and then only four continued to the final round.

The Finalist:
1st Matt Chrisope (Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters)
2nd Michael Fernandez (Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters)
3rd Jennifer Schroder (free agent of Olympia, WA)
4th Andrew Tucker (One World Cafe – Moscow, ID)

Matt poured consistently through the evening with tight striations and contrast. Michael Fernandez’ third and final round pours were beautiful heart rosetta combos earning him 2nd place. Jennifer Schroder secured 3rd place with her perfectly symmetrical fat rosettas. Andrew Tucker (who made the trip from Idaho) poured great rosettas.

Final Four Pours

Matt's winning pour.  Nice striations.

Matt's winning pour. A four part tulip with nice striations.

Michael's beautiful combo hearts and rosettas.

Michael's beautiful combo hearts and rosettas.

Jennifer Schroder's amazing rosetta.

Jennifer Schroder's amazing rosetta.

Andrew Tucker's final curved rosetta.

Andrew Tucker's final curved rosetta.

Thanks to Dave White and Olympia Coffee Roasters for providing the technical support for the live stream and for taking all the close-up photos of each pour, which you can view here.

Olympia Coffee Roasters will more than likely host the next latte art throwdown, so keep your eyes open for the next event!

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