Sunday Cupping

Yesterday marked our second Sunday cupping event the subject centering on coffee brewing basics. We discussed proper dosage, grind and extraction. We had a nice turn out of about 30 people, nine of which who traveled from Seattle as part of a coffee club. There were a few familiar faces from the last class, its so nice to see such enthusiasm in our community!  Daniel, our head of training and education led the class showing how to brew coffee using several common home brewing methods such as the french press, Hario, Chemex and Melitta. Our aim was to present the information in a simplified, approachable way so anyone could make a respectable cup at home.  What interested me most and what I would like to focus closer on was to brew a coffee improperly, say using the wrong dose or grind, and taste it next to a properly brewed sample to see how they compare. In this way we can see for ourselves why such exact parameters are necessary.

For this event we used two of our single origin coffees, our Guatemala and our Estate Java. The Guatemala remains outstanding year after year and we are especially excited now that the 2011 crop has arrived in our roastery. The Estate Java is a wonderful coffee that is often overlooked. It boasts a full rich body with a pleasing mild nuttiness, if you like milder coffees do try the Estate Java. Both are very consistent coffees and a good  choice for many different brewing methods.

I hope we had imparted some helpful information to those in attendance, we are already looking forward to next month’s event where our Portland sales representative, Marcus will visit to show us how to make some amazing iced coffee beverages just in time for summer!

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  2. Jenya says:

    Thanks Melissa!
    It was definitely a lovely turn-out of coffee enthusiasts! I think everyone involved had a really great time.

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