Stolen Espresso Catering Trailer!

Café Evoke – a specialty coffee catering company based out of Oklahoma City and a wholesale customer of Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters – recently had their 10′ catering trailer stolen right out of their backyard in broad daylight. This trailer contained everything they needed to cater an event: an espresso machine, grinders, syrups, everything. $20,000 in equipment is now missing making it extremely difficult for Cafe Evoke to make a living. Luckily, the owners Jenni and Jason Duncan had their equipment fully insured, but in the meantime the search continues for the missing trailer.

Café Evoke has received a tremendous amount of support from the online coffee community to help spread the word of their stolen trailer. The local Oklahoma news, Fox 25 in Oklahoma City and KOCO Channel 5 News, picked up the story as it quickly spread online through social networking communities such as Twitter, Facebook and Barista Exchange. This overwhelming response is due to Café Evoke’s dedicated practice over the years of using online communities to announce events, new coffees and all the while helping build their business. After reporting the stolen trailer to the authorities, it was a natural next step for the owners to announce the news online themselves. This practice of using the online community as a resource has paid them back triple-fold as emails and Twitter messages pour into Café Evoke’s inbox.

Though the circumstances are unfortunate, other small coffee retailers can learn from Café Evoke’s model. Insuring your equipment and taking advantage of the power of social networking communities can be a really good business move and one that may help you during the most unfortunate situations.

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  1. Thanks guys! We really appreciate the support and will make sure to keep everyone updated. bold
    Jason Duncan, owner
    Cafe Evoke Catering, Oklahoma City, OK

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