2011 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence: Day Two

The National Jury began with over 370 coffees and laboriously worked to narrow the field to 60 coffees for us to consider for the auction. Round one consisted of six cupping sessions with ten coffees per session.  Between each session the jury meets to discuss our impressions and provide our scores.

The sessions today had a real mix of coffees.  There were a few coffees that barely made specialty grade and many others that were solid specialty, but not COE quality.  The coffees in round two had intense aromas, higher acidity (reminiscent of citrus fruits, stone fruits and wine) and flavor notes of tropical fruit, cocoa, and almonds or hazelnuts.  I didn’t find one coffee that stood out above the rest today.

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One Response to “2011 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence: Day Two”

  1. FORREST says:

    Wow! This year’s COE started with 370 coffees! 60 coffees seems like a lot, but finding a COE winner out of 370 is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

    That would be a great name roaster name, “Needle & Hay”. (Please cut a check to F. Peaker)

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

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