Honduran Cup of Excellence

B&B Roaster Brian Meyers is on his way to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to participate as a judge in the Honduran Cup of Excellence competition. He will serve as an international judge who will evaluate samples pre-screened by Honduran cuppers. The competition will take place in the small town of Marcala, about three hours away from the capital.

The Cup of Excellence competition series was created (by George Howell, among others) to single out special coffees at source and offer them up in international auctions. These auctions allow coffees to fetch prices that reflect their excellence and exclusivity. As a juror, Brian will be following the rigorous judging standards of these competitions, a task that requires cuppers to reach consensus on the best coffees. As a Batdorf & Bronson roaster for over six years, Brian has become an adept cupper who regularly leads staff in public and production cuppings. He will be writing about his experiences as a Cup of Excellence judge upon his return. Stay tuned!

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