Arrival: Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Bar ATL

Imagine deplaning at ATL or waiting for your flight and finding a Batdorf & Bronson Dancing Goats Coffee Bar in the terminal. It could happen. Batdorf & Bronson has joined a coalition of 100% local restaurants and cafes bidding on the concessions contract at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

This opportunity fits neatly within our plans for growth in Atlanta and the Southeast, but we were skeptical when SSP America, the company that organized the coalition and submitted the proposal, approached us. The idea of a Dancing Goats Coffee Bar at the airport, stuffed between a national fast-food joint and a national chain restaurant, just didn’t appeal to us, especially if they were seeking to simply leverage our local brand name and not our commitment to quality coffee and excellent customer service.

We learned quickly that exactly the opposite was true.

The model SSP proposed to us and other members of the local coalition creates a true partnership in which we not only share ownership with SSP, but maintain full operational control, meaning our commitment to quality products and service would remain intact. And because all the other members of the coalition are local to Atlanta, it meant we would not be stuck among chain restaurants and viewed as just another anonymous airport concession. Many of our long time Atlanta wholesale customers are also part of the group, including some of the finest award winning restaurants in the city.

While SSP and their local partners have not won an ATL concessions contract yet, we believe the 100% local model makes for a very strong proposal and we are confident and very excited about the opportunity, if for no other reason than so many of our customers and friends in the coffee industry pass through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport regularly but don’t have a chance to visit our Dancing Goats Coffee Bar in Decatur. We look forward to serving them amazing coffee skillfully prepared. Imagine looking forward to a layover at ATL. It could happen!

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One Response to “Arrival: Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Bar ATL”

  1. BearlyDoug says:

    Oh, man… I hope this comes to fruition. As often as I do sometimes travel, I hate that my choices are limited to Dunkin or Starbucks.

    If DG is able to land a location at Hartsfield ATL, I will plan to leave and come to the store, no matter what terminal it’s in.

    Fingers crossed, guys!

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