Batdorf Atlanta hosts a Miracle Berry Flavor Tripping Party!

Last week, we hosted the first of our Miracle Berry Flavor Tripping Parties. For these, I partnered up with our good friends over at Scoutmob, since this is right up their alley for adventure. We had 150 people (plus about 15 who volunteered for the event, including an amazing amount of help from our friends at Scoutmob who sent a great team of folks to help), and the Batdorf Atlanta Roastery was buzzing with people in a tasting frenzy at 10 stations we’d set up. We had: Lemons, Limes, Granny Smith Apples, Pineapple, Dill Pickles, Tomatoes, Sour Cream, Sriracha, Balsamic Vinegar, Mustard, Salt & Vinegar Chips, and Guinness Stout.

I won’t forget the first time I saw the Planet Green show “Future Food”, which featured Homaro Cantu talking about the Miracle Berry, and how it could literally change the world, and thinking to myself how could I incorporate the use of it into my coffee education stuff. I checked to see if the berry affected coffee’s flavors, and I’ve heard it doesn’t. So, I leaned on something I could connect with, and that’s the fact I believe coffee is culinary, and I work with flavors all the time here at the Batdorf Atlanta Roastery in our Brewing Lab. I work with the fact that coffee has loads of amazing flavors, and those flavors morph and change with time. And that’s how I connected the berry to what I do. I deal in flavors, tastes, and culinary fun and education.

Lots of people had different reactions to the berry’s reaction, some more than others, but all had changes. If you don’t know what the Miracle Berry does, check out more info at Basically, it causes your tastebuds to taste things differently. For me, dill pickles tasted like bread and butter pickles, the pineapple was almost too sweet to eat, the salt & vinegar chips were really toned down, the sour cream tasted like Greek yogurt, the lemons tasted like lemonade, and the Guinness did taste like a chocolate milkshake. Some folks needed an additional berry, because you’re supposed to let it sit on your tongue for a bit beforehand (something I wasn’t aware of.)

We also had great live music from the band “The A-B Temperature”, composed of two of our roasters here at Batdorf Atlanta, throwing down some sweet jazz-fusion tunes as amazing background music. We’ve got detailed instructions and are ready to go for the March 3rd party, and it’s going to be even better, with some different foods to try this time. (And I’ll make sure we actually take some pics during the event, and not be so busy with everything else.)

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