Coffee Ambush- Intel!

While on my Portland/Olympia/Seattle trip, I had the opportunity to do some Coffee Ambushes. I was very excited about this, because I’ve not done them outside Atlanta and Nashville up to this point, and the thought of doing them elsewhere is really cool. And the three companies I chose were handpicked because of what they do, and how they do it. In Portland, I ambushed NEMO, a design and brand identity firm that works with Nike, and a group that Emily Jackson told me about. In Seattle, PopCap Games was the place to go, and being a fan of what they do, it was a no-brainer. And while in Olympia, Sandy Hall with Team Batdorf set up a Coffee Ambush for me at Intel.

For this Ambush, my cohort was Sandy Hall. We brewed our Colombia Finca Las Margaritas with Clever Drippers in the company’s cafeteria. It was a great time of brewing, answering questions, guiding people to coffee choices, and lots of other great things in addition to brewing this delicious coffee. There is no video from this Ambush, because of security issues because it is, Intel, but I was allowed to take a few pictures, which I’m including in this blogpost. Enjoy, I know I enjoyed brewing coffee there!

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