Inaugural Atlanta startup:COFFEE!

Wednesday, we hosted the first Atlanta startup:COFFEE at the Atlanta Batdorf Roastery. I decided to organize the event noting that in the past year, many of the local, vibrant Atlanta startup community have spent lots of time at our Roastery in meetings, and grabbing coffee. We’ve even hosted management meetings for companies like Scoutmob. We’ve met them at Coffee Ambushes, and having spent lots of time with startups, it makes sense to provide a nice morning event centered around coffee and conversation. So, the startup:COFFEE was created, and the first event was yesterday.


I had the help of several baristas, and they should be thanked for their service. Chandler Rentz, Paul Hile, Eric Zuniga, Wade Preston, and my wife April all worked hard all morning hand brewing up coffee and providing delicious baked goods from our good pals and partners at West Egg Cafe. Ben and Jen from West Egg provided delicious goodies in the form of ham biscuits, scones, muffins and other tasty goodies. We brewed our new crop Colombia Estrellla Huila, the Guatemala Finca El Valle, and I Clever brewed a sneak peak of our new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere, which launches this Monday. Coffees were great all morning, and the conversations were equally exciting to see.

The morning was filled with folks meeting, exchanging ideas, and inspiring each other to startup greatness, with the scent of coffee being roasted in the background. A large group of the attendees even got a full behind the scenes look at how coffee gets roasted daily. This was the first of what I see being a monthly event.

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