From Bob Benck, B&B Roaster and Phillies Fan:

First a little history lesson. My dad, my sister and I had Phillies season tickets in 1979, 80, and 81. The Phils took the prize in 1980. So I felt it only appropriate that 28 years later me, my dad and my sister’s kids will be hoping for the same, a World Series victory for the Philadelphia Phillies.

So yes, that’s me in the Dancing Goats t-shirt at Game 5 of the World Series. (At least during Game 5 take one.) I managed to secure 4 tickets to the game and after verifying that my dad would indeed root for the Phillies (he now lives in Tampa!) we both flew in to Philadelphia and there we were 28 years later, once again hoping for the sweet taste of victory. I brought along my niece and nephew who are both Philadelphia residents looking to cement memories to last a lifetime.

As I am sure you know Game 5 turned into a three day fiasco ultimately leading to the Phillies returning to glory. Unfortunately I was unable to sit around for three days waiting for the continuation of the game but my tickets were used by my family and a good friend. As far as I know, after the game no cars were flipped over and no tires were lit on fire in the streets. We all know that Philadelphia is famous for a good tire fire from time to time. Here’s to the Phillies but more importantly, here’s to family and friends and memories that will stay with us forever.

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  1. Oliver says:


    That is all that needs to be said.

  2. Scott says:

    Sweet, go Phils!!

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